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All about women

All about Women

A show for women by women! Join our hosts as they share their tips and life hacks for the everyday woman in today's world.


Midday Boost

Pastor Renato Fernandes
Perhaps the day didn’t start right. Problems can escalate quickly and easily control the momentum of your day. Pr Renato is here to help you set things straight and get back control of your day.


Rescue of Dignity

Pastor Douglas Lima
This programme is specifically designed for people in prison, as well as for their families and friends. Aimed at providing uplifting words and support, this programme reaches out to those who are unable to receive personal support and guidance. With regular guests who have experience, either in prison or a family member in prison. Join Pr Douglas and his team as they work to re-establish lives of ex-offenders and their loved ones.


Finding answers

Pr Carlos Barcelos
What do I do? How should I live? What is my purpose? Join Pr Carlos Barcelos as he tackles the biggest questions of life, bringing to you the answers that will bring the peace you have been searching for.


Universal Hits

Hear the top Gospel tracks that will help boost you through the day.


Love Talk Show

Pr Elijah & Ana Bacala
This programme teaches singletons and couples how to be successful in love. From interviews with experts, to covering a range of topics, this programme should not be missed! The Love Talk Show is here to answer all your questions about love and help you to learn how to love intelligently.


A word of faith with Bishop Macedo

Hear the Word and feed your faith. Bishop Edir Macedo, shares the Word of God, in a digestible, relatable and transformative way, that can be applied practically to our everyday lives. Learn how faith can directly change your life.


Don’t worry, be happy!

Pastor Reymar Ledgister
If you are feeling stressed out and anxious about something, tune into this uplifting programme created to help you break free from any negative feelings you may have.


Assistants in Focus

Pastor Fabio Marcolino
This programme is specifically designed for the assistants at the UCKG HelpCentre. With encouraging messages of faith, this programme is a great boost for those doing the work of God.


Be Inspired

Bishop Alvaro lima
Life is a journey that at many times becomes very difficult, even too much for us to bear alone. Here is the shoulder that you can lean on, one that you can trust. Find help, find freedom, find life and above all… find faith. Join Bishop Alvaro as he shares his pearls of wisdom every night at 10pm on Be Inspired.


Breaking the Habit

Roland Schlenker
Has addiction taken over your life, or the life of a loved one? Ex addict and now ACT specialist Roland Schlenker Schelenker, who is spearheading this movement against addiction works with his team to help people beat addiction. With testimonials from people who applied our method and got clean, you can find the solution and find freedom in your life! Join us every night on Liberty Radio!