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Hear the top Gospel tracks that will help boost you through the day. Every day, 2AM-3AM, Monday-Saturday, 9PM-9:30PM
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Be Inspired

Bishop Alvaro Lima
Life is a journey that at many times becomes very difficult, even too much for us to bear alone. Here is the shoulder that you can lean on, one that you can trust. Find help, find freedom, find life and above all… find faith. Join Bishop Alvaro as he shares his pearls of wisdom every night at 10pm on Be Inspired. Every day, 10PM  



Breaking the Habit

Roland Schlenker
Has addiction taken over your life, or the life of a loved one? Ex addict and now ACT specialist Roland Schelenker, who is spearheading this movement against addiction works with his team to help people beat addiction. With testimonials from people who applied our method and got clean, you can find the solution and find freedom in your life! Join us every night on Liberty Radio! For more information visit:
Every day, 11PM