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21 minutes in the Upper room

Pastor Roland
This short and powerful programme is exactly 21 minutes long for those who want to be baptised with the Holy Spirit, or renew their faith in God. It is an opportunity for you to seek God, and be revived.


Workers Prayers

Pastor David Gomes
A quick prayer for your financial life, where you will be able to present your daily plans to God, and seek direction for your finances. This programme will also provide tips for increasing your work productivity!



Despertar da Fe

Robert Ashitey
All it takes is one word to change a person’s life. Stay tuned to hear a positive word that could help you! Only on Liberty Radio!


Breakfast Show with Robert Ashitey

Robert Ashitey
Start your morning with Robert Ashitey as he presents the breakfast show! With the latest up-to-date topics, this is the perfect way to start your day off on the right foot!


Top 10 of the week

Pastor Maurice
Listen to our top 10 selected songs, and be inspired!


All about Women

Mrs Audrey, Mrs Flavia, Mrs Zuma, Mrs Grazi, Mrs Elisha
A programme dedicated to women. It will cover a variety of areas that are essential to a woman’s life, such as cooking, life hacks, and much more!


Midday Boost

Pastor Renato
Feeling the midday slump? Tune into this live programme to hear an inspiring message, and to get pumped up for the rest of your day!


All Time Greatest Hits

Robert Ashitey
We’re taking you back in time to broadcast to you the all-time greatest hits. Get ready to listen to your favourite tunes! Only on Liberty Radio!


Rescue of Dignity

Pastor Douglas
This programme is specifically designed for people in prison, as well as for their families and friends. Aimed at providing uplifting words and support, this programme reaches out to those who are unable to receive personal support and guidance.


More Music Variety

Robert Ashitey
Tune into a selection of your favourite music with ‘More Music Variety’. Only on Liberty Radio!


Assistants in Focus

Pastor John
This programme is specifically designed for the assistants at the UCKG HelpCentre. With encouraging messages of faith, this programme is a great boost for those doing the work of God.


Don’t worry, be happy!

If you are feeling stressed out and anxious about something, tune into this uplifting programme created to help you break free from any negative feelings you may have.


Love, life and lipstick

Pastor Roland
This show is all about women. Yes, they‘re talking about men, and yes, they‘re talking about make-up. From balancing on heels, to balancing your bank account, this show is a ‘MUST hear’.


Reflection Time

Robert Ashitey
Taking the time to think and reflect is always beneficial. So let us help you by providing calm and peaceful music so you can take some time out for yourself! Only on Liberty Radio!


Be inspired

Bishop Alvaro
This programme is designed to help you in your faith. With prayer and effective advice, this will leave you feeling strong



Despertar da Fe

Robert Ashitey
All it takes is one word to change a person’s life. Stay tuned to hear a positive word that could help you! Only on Liberty Radio!


Break the Habit

Pastor Roland
Is there a habit in your life that you wish you could break? This programme provides effective advice on how to break a bad habit.
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